Hello There, What’s up?

My name is Suman Kumar Chanda and I’m a health and fitness content writer and currently a student of BSC(Nutrition and Dietetics).  I have published several articles here. I love to write articles funnily and engagingly, I put some meme templates and gifs so readers can relate to them.

I understand that getting a lot of shares on social media is just as important as optimizing articles for search engines. And I use a handful of tools to make sure to target both those areas.

If you like, I can come up with some topics and ideas for great articles for your blog.

Story Behind Starting This?

I started this blog/website as one of my friends suggested it to me. He thought that I am having deep knowledge about this field and I should consider starting a blog and sharing it with the world.

I started it with writing short blogs on different topics but later I started writing about basics in-depth in long-format articles. Unlike other articles which sometimes seem to be boring, I tried to make something unique by starting using gifs and memes to make it more relatable and engaging. I started this in order to debunk myths related to the fitness industry which the majority of people have suffered from some kind of negative health consequences.

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