How To Win The Other Person Like A Pro With THE “YES, YES” RULE

When you are involved in any kind of conversation it is very important to agree with the other person to start and carry on the conversation smoothly. If any conflict of thought occurs then it is way more difficult to come to any type of positive conclusion.

For this situation Bestselling author, Dale Carnegie suggests one rule to be followed. which says that “get the other person to agree with you immediately“.

This later Carnegie explains that if we get the other person saying yes to things and agreeing with the other will develop a trust factor and high chances to become more friendly with you.

How You Should Follow The Rule?

The step is very simple, you only have to ask questions with which the opponent would agree with you immediately. for example, rather than talking about your own achievement and bragging about it, you should talk about the things with common interests and also you can praise something that the other person has worn.

What If the Situation is the Opposite?

What if the other person is criticizing you?

This situation also Carnegie suggests that to agree with the other person because if he is complaining about something he must have a piece of evidence about that, then it will be too hard to change the other person’s opinion by fighting with him.

Avoid Arguments

An example shown in the picture is that if the person criticizes you then also you should agree with them immediately by doing that his trust factor will develop then later if he realizes his mistake he may take the apology to you also.

Get the other person saying YES, and avoid NO (Avoid Arguments)

Dale Carnegie

Book Credits: How To Win Friends and Influence People By Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence Peopleā€ by Dale Carnegie | Book Review| |  UniAthena

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