Identity is something that we are so much fond of and attached to it. Most of the time we see our identity as our status in the social hierarchy. Like how much expensive clothes we wear or how costly the car we drive.

But What Is The Identity Most of Us Live?

I want to start off with the quote said by sociologist Charles Horton Cooley, “I am not what I think I am, I am not what you think I am, I am what I think You think I am”.


It’s just perfectly described as we live in a perception of the perception of ourselves. We are wrapped around the thing that what other people think of us or what we think that others think of us.

Let me give you an example, If I am thinking that you are thinking of me that I am smart, Then I will feel smart 


After reading this sentence, If I am thinking that you’re thinking of me that I am weird, Then I will feel weird.

We try to live in a perception of the perception of ourselves and we have lost our real selves as result.  This way we will not able to recognize who we are and what will make us happy when we’re chasing the distorted reflection of someone else’s dream.

In a Role of Method Acting

Let us just start with one example, Daniel Day-Lewis is the world’s only triple Oscar-Winning Actor. He prepares each role by immensely completed into the character.

For his new role as Bill The Butcher, he actually started to train as a butcher.

He started to talk in a thick Irish Accent on and off the sets, he hired circus performers to teach how to throw knives and he wore 19th-century clothing to be more authentic to the character.

Moreover, in short, he was completely immersed into the character (who was not him) as method acting. But what did it cost?

He end up involved in fighting and arguments with strangers, And due to the clothing, he caught pneumonia.

From this lesson, we should learn that we should not let our real identity or the true values let go for the sake of what other people think of us. We all do method acting to some degree and we should avoid it.

Because years later Daniel Lewis admitted that about his role, he went mad, totally mad and he was feeling not so good about his physical and mental health.

We try to live up to what we think others think of us, even at the expense of our values.

Jay Shetty

Book Credits: Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty

Think Like A Monk

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