Time Management is very important that everybody wants to control their time, everyone wants 36 hours in a day and wants to get off from the busy to-do lists and wants everything done.

But life is busy. We have to do urgent things, to complete the office ppt or to make the latest college assignment whose deadline is near. Or we are engaged in important tasks having yoga or a gym session with the trainer or today you forgot to water the plants and many much more.

But Why Life Is So Busy?

According to the Book “Make Time”, authors believe that our life is busy and it will be busy forever even after 20 or 30 years down the line. And they explained 2 major reasons for that.

Life Is Very Busy

Busy Bandwagon

Busy bandwagon means that we are engaged in the works or endless tasks that are urgent for us like as I mentioned above doing the college assignment before the deadline or completing the PPT for the office seminar.

Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools means apps, website, or any site that gives or provide us infinite/never-ending engaging content. Most of the apps and sites like Facebook, Instagram, News Website Or YouTube, anything which provides content that we are stick to.

Due to this, the majority of us waste a lot of time and energy of our time.

How To Set The Day For More Productivity

While writing this book authors, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky run a few experiments on different peoples with different approaches to figure out what works for a productive day or what does not.

From that, they created this “Make Time” Hypothesis which I will be explaining in a second.

Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day

Make A Highlight Of The Day

Okay so accept this fact that we make a to-do list of 10 things and after accomplishing all those, we still feel empty and still not feeling a sense of joy and relief. Then we make another list and still feel the same.

So our Time Dorks (authors) come with a good new approach that we should make a SINGLE HIGHLIGHT in a day that you want to accomplish at any cost. Yes, it can be your urgent work like completing the PPT or completing the assignment.

The highlight is not the only thing that you will be doing in the day but the most important task you should get done. Because most of your thing will be on auto-pilot mode so no need to list them all cause it will be done anyway.

During their experiments, it was seen that when people think about only one task and give their full energy they are much more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment and joy.

One thing to note, your highlight should be an important task to do and should take at least 1 to 1 hour 30 minutes in that day.

Be Laser-Focused On That

Now you have chosen your highlight it’s time to use the LASER MODE on that.

Laser Focus Just Like This

Jake and John called this approach LASER because during the time of your highlight you should be completely focused on that task only. It’s just like a Laser that it is focusing on one direction Only.

When you are performing your highlight of the day, be distraction-free on that particular task you will end up finding that you are doing more work you have ever done.

But if you are on Infinity Pools constantly you have to refocus your attention again and again and the quality of the work will decrease.

Energize For It

Till now you have marked your HIGHLIGHT and probably use some strategy to engage LASER on your task now it’s time to ENERGIZE for it.

Modern-day Energizing

Energizing means to make your body and mind more active and attentive with the help of Physical activities. Following a healthy and active lifestyle is very much important for us to work with our full potential. Our bodies are never made that way to spend the majority of time sitting on the desk in front of a computer.

Humans are made to move here and there and use our bodies. You should consider playing any sport or engaging in any type of physical activity at the start or evening of the day. If not possible tey to walk at least 10k steps, trust me it will be worth it and you will end up finding feeling a lot better.

Reflect On Things That Actually Worked

Now we can to the last approach that is called REFLECT.

It is exactly what it actually sounds like, You should consider a time realizing that whatever approach you have followed, it had actually worked or not.

Think Hard On This

Let’s accept that every approach you have read here will not work for you, some will work some will not but relating what worked and how much worked will help you to optimize your day in a better and more efficient way.

For example, You have made your highlight and you have decided to follow in the evening but during that highlight, you found that your concentration is not at an optimal level and you are not able to do it.

So after REFLECT, you have realized that your energy levels are not optimal in the evening. Now you decided to make your highlight before starting the office after waking up and having a cup of coffee for an hour and a half. what you find is it actually worked.

Book Credits: MAKE TIME by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky


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