According to the National Sleep Foundation, almost 70% of the world’s population isn’t getting enough sleep.

Sleeping is the most neglected thing which is valued at the last or not even valued when it comes to improving your general health and fitness goals.

Sleeping is a very complicated process but very much important for overall cognitive performance and overall body composition.

How Even Sleep Is Important?

Sleep is incredibly important and can be considered crucial alongside diet and exercise.

Proper sleep habits help sustain many biological processes, and bad sleep can cause these processes to be suboptimal or even malfunction.

According to a study when they told subjects to sleep for 3 hours a night for a week, it was found that their cognitive performance decreased up to 60%. HUGE

And on the other side when subjects were told to sleep for 9 hours each night, It was not only improved their cognitive performance which includes, memory, learning reacting but they are resulted in lowering their stress levels and overall well-being.

Less Sleep will Result In Lossing Hard Gained Muscles? -YES

Sleep restriction has been shown to have several detrimental health effects. Sleep loss can modify energy intake and expenditure.

This study compared the effect of sleep duration on fat and lean mass loss in overweight subjects during two weeks on a reduced-calorie diet.

This study was performed at University clinical research center and sleep laboratory. Chances of error are negligible.

  • Group 1 spent 5.5 hours in bed
  • Group 2 spend 8.5 hours in bed.

Subjects stayed at the laboratory during the whole study period and all food was provided.

It was found that:-

  • It was found that Group 1 lost 55% less fat mass and lost 60% more lean body mass.
  • Whereas, Group 2 lost 55% more fat mass and preserved 60% more muscle mass.

Interestingly, the 5.5 h group had higher concentrations of activated ghrelin(hunger hormone). It means people with less sleep will feel more hungry.

The effect of sleep restriction on body composition goals maybe even worse under such conditions. Insufficient sleep can hamper fat loss and increase lean mass loss while dieting.

What Should You Do?

Now You Know that sleep is very important for mental as well as physical health. What is concluding from this?

You should learn that you should spend more time sleeping than you do. Not only increase your sleep duration but you should also consider improving sleep quality and sleep hygiene.

For sleep quality try to engage in some physical activities like working out, if not possible play your favorite sport to least you can do is to take a walk for at least 1 hour a day.

And for Sleep Hygiene, AVOID YOUR PHONE before 1 hour of your bedtime.

Sleep is the Best Meditation

Dalai Lama

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