Best Diet To Loose Weight?

Many people when start their fatloss journey they often heard some people saying that they should follow a low carb diet and they are also advised by some well-known fitness coaches as the same.

So here in this blog we will find out whether low carb diet or high carb diet is best way for you to loose weight or not.

Best Diet To Loose Weight
  • First thing I want to clear that any individual who is trying to loose weight should be in a caloric deficit in order to loose the body fat.

Which simply means apni zarurat se kam khana

Best Diet To Loose Weight

Yes you read it right 

Caloric deficit is one of the most primary or you can say the basic step to loose weight. 

Dont worry It doesn’t mean that you have to go on a starvation mode. Just simply create a deficit of 15-25% of the caloric intake at beginning. 👍

Best Diet To Loose Weight
  • Second, If you are in a caloric deficit you should be consuming enough amount of protein in order to maintain the lean mass or you can say muscle mass of your body.
  • And eating right amount of protein has its own benefits too🍗🍳.

How Much Protein Body Needs to Maintain Muscle Mass?

Best Diet To Loose Weight

For a person who has a sedentary lifestyle he needs only 1gram/kg  bodyweight of protein 

Best Diet To Loose Weight

 Simply means, if a person weighs 70 kgs …he needs around 70 grams of protein everyday.

Best Diet To Loose Weight

For someone who is involved in some kind of resistance or weight training. (hain wahi jo tum soch rahe ho, gym jaane waala banda).🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

Best Diet To Loose Weight

They need more protein in order to maintain as well as to grow the muscle mass of their body.

The protein intake should between         around 1.6 to 2.2g/kg of body weight.
☝️☝️☝️ye waala khud calculate karo

Best Diet To Loose Weight

So keeping all the above points in mind lets begin

Functions of Fats!

Fats are also important for our overall health. It help us to maintain the hormonal health of our body. Also helpful in absorption of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, E and Vitamin K.

It is recommended that at least 15-20% of the total calories should be obtained from fats in order to maintain normal functioning of the body

Best Diet To Loose Weight

Importance of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates and fats both are important macronutrients and perform specific functions in our body. Excluding or consuming any of them in a very low in our diet is not a practical approach.

Best Diet To Loose Weight

Carbohydrate are primary source of energy. Carbs plays a vital role in brain functioning.

Some phitness influencers says that carbs dosen’t need for the human survival so we can exclude them from our diet……

yes they are right but we are not living in the ancient times so our aim is not only survival but many more. We need carbs for all the daily basis work….any many more.

Best Diet To Loose Weight

So both carbs and fats have their own functions in our body.

Note: Carbohydrates have a tendency to retain water in our body. Around 1 gram of carbs holds water upto its 3 times.

It means if you eat 300g of carbs you will hold water upto 1 kg. You dont have to worry about this, it fluctuates on a daily basis. so when you go on a low carb diet your body flushes the water weight of your body not the fat mass.

Best Diet To Loose Weight

So your end goal should not be only loosing weight. It should be improving the overall body composition.Its not about just loosing weight but its about loosing the right kind of weight.

Siddhart Tiwari, Fitness coach

Best Diet To Loose Weight

Does Ratios of Carbs and Fats actually Matters?

So according to researches,  the ratios between the fats and the carbohydrates dosen’t matter at all for overall body composition.

So here a Study from Stanford University, conducted by Dr. Christopher Gardener.

   This study was done for 12 months over 600 participants.

In which Participants were divided into 2 groups 
Group 1    Group 2

Low Carbs High Carbs

High Fat Low Fat

(Same Calories and Protein)

After 12 months of the study it was concluded that for overall fat loss, it doesn’t matter that in how much ratios carbs or fat you eat as long as your calories and protein intake are same.
So there is no significant and meaningful changes in terms of fat loss.

So according to my opinion the best diet is the one you can follow for a long time or in which one can stick to.

Its totally your choice which one you want to follow.

i hope you guys like it……let me know in the comment section till then bye.

Best Diet To Loose Weight


For loosing weight the main or basic thing is not what we eat, its how much we eat. In order to loose weight the only thing matters is be in a caloric deficit.

You dont have to create a massive deficit in order to shed those extra pounds of fat. If you loose your weight fast or create a big deficit it will result in loosing your muscle mass and hence it will result in bad body composition( I hope nobody wants that).

You should aim for creating a 15-25% of caloric deficit. The more fat you have the higher side you should choose. For someone whose maintenance 2000 calories it comes out to be 300-500 calories deficit a day.

So now you are in caloric deficit, your body needs extra energy as fuel. In order to use that energy your body will use fat stores but as well as a small part from protein.

As your body uses a small energy from protein so in order to use it for energy and maintaining muscle mass you need to eat more protein. More means more.

How much more? .. Studies suggest that you need to eat 1.6-2.2 grams per kg of body weight. For 80 kg person it comes out to be 130-170 grams of protein a day.

So now your calories is fixed, protein is fixed you need to perform resistance training. why?. Because it gives your body a stimulus to maintain or to grow muscle and that will result in overall good body composition.

You might be thinking that in diet calories and proteins are fixed but what about carbs and fats are they not important? Yes they are important and perform their own specific functions in body.

But for overall fat loss and weight loss the ratios of carbs and fats doesn’t matter a lot. like low carb diet or a high fat diet(ketogenic). Scientific studies also support this fact.

So in order to achieve your best shape of life fix proteins and calories and for carbs and fats use variety of ratios whichever you want and stay cosistent to.



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